In the community

  Travel Leaders is committed to supporting the needs of our communities where we live and work through the investment of a portion of our profit each year into local non-profit organizations and additionally through investment of our time via employee participation in these community events.

We recognize that the needs are great; but as one company our resources are not endless and so we have chosen to limit our giving to certain areas of need.

  1. Basic human services – because without a healthy community whose basic needs are met; we do not have clients.
  2. Early childhood education – because empowering our youth through an early love of learning is the best gift we can give to them and the future of our communities.
  3. Arts organizations – because the arts expand our minds regardless of our age just like travel does.


Ineligible Organizations

We do not donate to the following types of organizations simply because we have to draw a line somewhere or feel the support of such organizations is best done by individuals based on their own personal convictions.

  1. Organizations that do not have 501(c)(3) status with the IRS
  2. Individuals (including fund raisers for medical/educational needs for individuals)
  3. Political organizations
  4. Religious organizations
  5. Networking and social groups
  6. Private scholarship foundations
  7. 3rd party professional fund raisers regardless of who they are representing
  8. Police, fraternal or veterans organizations
  9. Public or private schools including program advertising and/or team sponsorships


Requests for Auction Items and Trip Donations
Using Travel as Fund raisers – some ideas

While we wish we could secure free cabins, airline seats, hotel rooms and tours from all the vendors we work with to give away to local charities, the reality is, for every one request we get, the airline, cruise and tour companies get 100’s of requests worldwide and most major travel suppliers have their own policies for donations and requests need to go directly to them by the non-profit itself. Most have policies to only fund national highly visible causes and do not have programs that support local causes outside of their headquarters market.

We suggest the following ideas should your organization want to use travel in your fundraising efforts beyond what we can provide.

  1. Find staff, board members or current donors who have an overabundance of frequent flyer points; credit card points or frequent guest points they might be willing to donate. Most programs allow the use of points for other than the point holder.
  2. Condo owners are often willing to give away a week-long use of their rental property for charitable giving. Query your organizations supporters to see if there are any opportunities and bundle it with your previously found frequent flyer points for an awesome package!
  3. Consider working with Travel Leaders to promote a group cruise. Most cruise companies have programs that allow you to book group space and obtain a portion of each cruise booking back in the form of a contribution. Cruises are also a great way to bring together all of your supporters and provide programs on board during ‘at sea’ days that can further your organizations mission. Contact Jane at 260-434-6600 if you would like to discuss this possibility further. We are always happy to be a guest speaker at a board or marketing committee meeting!
  4. Consider working with Travel Leaders to purchase a one of a kind package; when you auction something people cannot buy themselves on line the value will far exceed the cost of the trip. Contact Linda at 260-434-6690 to discuss you organization and then let us put our thinking caps on to design your one of a kind item.